Ed Salisbury, talking about a deeper understanding.

Pat Johnson, talking about living with love.

John Stark, talking about how he was "Woke Up".

Matt Debow, talking about "What is a Near Death Experience?".

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NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES SYMPOSIUM - APRIL 7-9, Starting at 9am. Tix and info -, 888-444-8169. The event will cover NDEs and related spiritually transformative topics. Presentations, NDE Panel & NDE meditation until 6pm, then, a free Social Mixer w/NDErs, open drum/percussion circle starting at 7pm. Food Available.


Press Release - NDE Symposium Saturday, April 7-9 2017


Austin, Texas – An event of epic proportions, people discussing what might be the most important spiritual information on the planet. Attendees will experience an event of lasting impact. Meet near death experiencers that have connected to the most loving energy every felt – while they were dead! People stating; out of body watching doctors and situations, being presence of angels, god, religious figures and in some aftereffects that can lead to psychic abilities, healing talents, hyper intuitive senses, most ending up with no fear of death.


Media Release – NDE Symposium Saturday, April 7-9 2017


Moments after crashing into a tree, Austin resident Brother Ed Salisbury found himself looking down from what felt like a second story balcony and thought to himself, “That looks like my car." He saw a dead body slumped over the steering wheel, smoke billowing from the car, and people running towards the scene of the accident. His next thought was, “If that’s my car, who is that in it?” Next was “Oh my God! If that is my body, then WHO AM I?” A classical NDE followed and his life was transformed to the core!

Most experiencers will tell you, the act of dying and returning back to life is only the beginning of the experience. As experiencer Pat Johnson of San Marcos puts it, “The NDE is just a starting point. The real journey is living the messages and lessons that the NDE has given us. There is nothing special about people that have had NDE’s. We are just ordinary people that have been given some extraordinary messages of how to live. It’s very difficult to do, but we feel obligated and duty bound to share these messages with others. These are messages that the world must hear and understand. These are healing messages for humanity."

When an atheist is revived from the dead, upon remembering the experience, they become a believer of soul transmigration, confident we are all part of an eternal source. These transformative spiritual events bring forth important truths crossing ideological boundaries, religious beliefs, and social differences. These events often enhance human potential, leaving a memorable impact on one’s life. This establishes a foundation that proves that our souls exists, just on another dimension.

In the book Soul Code local author Matt DeBow connects a thread through NDE and many other spiritual transformative experiences. There is a clear correlation between NDE and transformative spiritual events. He asks, “have we reached a turning point in spiritual understanding, might these experiences catalyze evolution?“

There are many others that have experienced our eternal nature and gained knowledge of a higher dimensional existence. The stories of the love essence we are all part of leaves a lasting impact, not only on those who experience it, but those that hear about it first hand.

The Austin NDE Symposium (April 7-9 at Wimberley Community Center) will cover near death experiences and related spiritually transformative topics. The presenters are experts in their given fields, and some of them have had Multiple NDEs. There will be presenters, Experiencer panels, and experiential adventures from 9am to 6pm. A free social mixer (where you can talk to presenters) and an open tribal drum/percussion circle will follow into the night.


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